Bootloader for flash howto???

Hi people

Well here I am. I have never tried work with bootloaders before so I thought that news groups might would be a good place to start as all the old school experts hang around here :o)

One of my problems are that I need to fit alot of SW down in to a 1MB flash. So i'm looking for the possiblity of compressing the binary file and then extracting this into the RAM(2MB). How can this be done???( in detail if possible)

I am working with the cyclone(NIOS) FPGA from Altera.

Anyone who know any good web based forums for FPGA developers???

Best Regards GreateWhite.DK

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We use LZRW1 for compression which you can easily find on Google. We store the various revisions compressed on flash and extract to ram on boot up. If it fails then it will automatically fall back and boot from the previous version which you need to consider if your units are remote controlled hundreds of miles away.


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easy stuff.

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There are many tools to do this. For example, deflate, lzma, etc. If you use vxWorks, it provides a default compress tool: deflate.

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