problem with rrload Boot loader on innovator using CCS

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Dear all,

I bulided rrload bootloder for innovator(omap1510) Board.
After bulild when i am try to run on CCS its runing and its loading,
but its not displaying the menu on serial console.

i am using teraterm pro for serial emulation(i tried with hyper
terminal also) with 115200-8-0-1-0 for COM1.
i debugged that serail console is working properly.

Can any body tell what's going wrong.

i am using binutils-2.1.2,gcc-2.95.3,glibc-2.2.3 toolchain for

i tried with u-boot also, same thing happening, nothing coming on
Serial terminal.

i reffered "Building Linux for the innovator Development Kit for OMAP
Platform"(SWPA011) and all the  related docs from ti.

Do we have any other method to burn the boot loader to flash.i have
CCS-2.20 version and iam using ti XDS560 jtag.i boot host(this is not
working for bin files flash buring  )
Thanks in advance!


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