about vhdl compiling

while i compile any program in window 98 it shows that "error: can't open nhdl work "

can somebody help on this and how to fix this problem. The same program compiles successfully in window xp or vista but in 98 it doesn't.

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Did you read the system requirements for the VHDL compiler you're using?

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Oh? What does a VHDL compiler need more from an OS than a few file management functions?


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Meindert Sprang



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Peter Dickerson

A filesystem without VFAT's special quirks, maybe. Ability to use WinXP drivers to access the debugger maybe. Also if the software package has any GUI elements, Win98 has all manner of odd internal limits due to its Win95 16/32bit hybrid legacy. Yes I realize some of this isn't part of the compiler per se, but the compiler isn't shipped in a vacuum - it is wrapped by and snuggled against other components.

Whatever the underlying reason, there are definitely pieces of software you wouldn't expect to have a problem in Win9x, but do have such problems. Cygwin for instance used to have some quite different "special" behaviors in Win9x vs. NT-class OSes. Even just building gcc was fraught with issues.

VHDL dev suites are massive pieces of bloatware (last package I downloaded from Xilinx was 900MB plus another 400MB of updates and patches!!!).

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A compiler needs to read a source file(s) and write output file(s). Apart from purely internal operations it needs nothing more. Win98 can do this without problems.

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And in practice the environment has large effects. For example what if your makefile and macros use lowercase filenames (which is just dandy on on a case-ignoring FS like VFAT), your sourcefiles have mixed-case names as generated by many text editors (myfile.c vs myfile.C), and you then try to compile the same project on UNIX, where case is important? This is an obvious example, there are many more subtle examples, ESPECIALLY under Windows where many of these cross-compilers are really cygwin executables.

If you've never struck problems like this, then bully for you, but don't presume to speak for the universe.

Please don't be so anal. There are much more important things in the world about which you could worry.

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