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I am mainly a programmer & have little knowledge about electronics. Electronics is my hobby. I want to build a vision system for a robot. For this I choose CMU cam for taking images. But I have very little information about CMU cam . Please help me with necessary links & information.

I have some DS89C450 microcontroller. Can I interface the CMUcam to the serial port of that microcontroller. If I can't what type of microcontroller(specially 8051 based) can I use to interface CMU cam. I want to buy some CMUcam from USA. From where I can find CMU cam in cheap rate. Please infrom me.

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I think you need a lot more computer power than a DS89C450 for a vision system, unless I'm terribly misremembering what the 89C450 is. Consider using a single-board PC running Linux.

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Well..... maybe. Maybe not. The 89C450 doesn't have enough RAM to hold an entire image, but it _CAN_ do some very simple object detection stuff by scanning the image sequentially.

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