can any1 please tell me, wat other storage devices i can use other tha memory chips with microcontroller 8051...

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You can store your 8051 chips in a drawer, on a shelf, or in a cupboard. Most cardboard boxes should also be compatible.

If you want more useful answers, cut out the 13-year-old SMS spelling, find your keyboard's shift key, and then post again with some information about what you want to achieve.

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David Brown


Well thank you Sir for reminding me that SMS language should not be use at such important places. For a project work instead of using memory IC' (chips), I want to use some other memory device. The controller we ar using is 8051. Can I use SD card as memory device for porject work? Wha processor speed does SD card require?

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As a guess, the SPI mode should work at any non-zero clock rate.

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You can use Large Embedded Gigabyte System with an Arm.

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At a guess, and non-zero clock rate

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Peter Dickerson

You could use just about any "memory device" with an 8051. It all depends on what requirements you have.

What kind of information (code or data), how much (1 bit? Gigabytes?) and for how long (do you need to retain the information when power is off)? Do you have speed requirements on reading or writing? Do you have a budget?

If you answer at least some of the above, you stand a better chance of getting a sensible answer.

Just trying to help...

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IDE Harddisk. Has been published in Elektor magazine a few years back. Audio cassete tape (as was common in the 70ties) Floppy


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Wim Ton

1) search a little. Goggle is you friend. 2) Yes many have done it. 3) they have also connected Hard drives, CD ROMs, and USB memork sticks with a little more Hardware. 4) SEARCH on 8052.com you will find the topic discussed previously there.
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You can store a complete 8051 core in a XYLINX these days....

Or sumtimz I store in my cellfon.

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I want to save audio files. I also want to retain information after th power is off. We are using 8051, so the writing and reading speed is tha of the 8051. We also have a budget, to make it at a low cost.

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Which 8051 are you intending on using ?

A standard (12x) 8051, or a 100Mhz 8051 ?

The writing and reading speed is a function of the device you decide to use, not the 8051.

Are the audio files going to be recorded by the 8051 or played back by the 8051 ?

If you use a Flash Card ( with an SPI interface ) does it need to be compatable with a PC ?

Do a google for 8051 + mp3 players.

You will find all forms of storage devices connected to 8051 devices.

Some can record audio some can not.

We can all keep guessing where this will lead or you can keep it to yourself.

The more information you give up front, the sooner you can get a real answer.

good luck


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In article , mack writes

1 WHICH one of the 600 8051 variants are you using? 2 Is this a commercial project or one for collage? 3 What size budget do you have? 4 What sort of size production are you looking at? 5 SMS or TXT grammar is usually refered to as WKS or Wanky Kid Speak and if David had not picked you up on it the other would have. SMS grammar is fine for the phone to your mates but not when in a professional environment asking for help.
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