14 Segment "startburst" alpha LCDs

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Hi All,
I'm working on a highly cost sensitive product that will see moderate
production volume.  I know these two don't exactly go together, but...

I and my company have worked with smart charcter displays before, the
typical 4 or 8 bit bus with Hitachi-compatible controllers.  The cost
of these displays has dominated the cost of alot of our products, I'm
looking at using dumb displays instead.

For simplicity, I have been looking for 14 segement LCD displays and
found a few but distributors don't seem to carry these.  I am looking
for a unit like this, with solderable pins:


Has anyone found a distributor for these things?  I'm looking for
samples and eventually production quanities.  I would also consider
dumb dot-matrix displays if it is possible to drive them with less
than 40 i/o pins.  Thanks in advance.


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