Colour problems on Panasonic TX-29AD2DP Television

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Hello All,

I was wondering if any one on this news group could help me out with a

I have a Panasonic (I think called National in some countries) TV model
TX-29AD2DP, which was on whilst there was a power cut. After the power came
back on the tv didn't show the correct colors for example blue shows up as a
bit blue but more green.

Does anyone have any ideas what the fault could be and how to fix it?




Re: Colour problems on Panasonic TX-29AD2DP Television
Mike Smith schrieb:

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Turn it off, pull thr power cord. wait ca 30 Min, plug it in. Then
Degausssing should work and got will get a correct picture again.

If not, ask a technican.

mfG, GG

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