Voltage rating of keyboard cable?

A question: Have one of those older style keyboard cables in hand; this one is NOS (i.e. brand new, old stock). It has a 5 pin (large) DIN plug at one end. Anybody got any idea of the maximum 'voltage' rating; of the wire and the plug? Not worried about the 'current' (amperes) rating; only the maximum safe voltage. Any info appreciated. TIA.

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Typically, it's the wire in the cable that is the voltage limit; the connector isn't rated for high currents, but will take hundreds of volts safely. The wire, usually intended for flexibility (sometimes as a coiled cordset) is not likely to be marked. So, examples of this kind of cable (flexible multiconductor) offer some guidance, and 150 to 300V is the low end of the range in cable catalogs. Ultrafine wire like for earbuds is the only thing commercially available that's lower.

Current rating IS important, though; if one were to connect to an AC socket, the protective circuit breaker is set at 15A to 20A, the wire is unsafe unless it reaches that limit.

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most data cabling is rated for 100V or more if you look closely the details may be imprinted on the cable.

new old stock (thay keyboard's gotta be more than 15 years old) may bave leached out plasticisers and be less flexible than new stock.

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Jasen Betts

Why does it matter to you?

It sounds like you want to use the cable for something else, and likely there are better alternatives, but we can't know that until we know whether this is idle curiosity or you actually want to use the cable for high voltage.


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Michael Black

And why does it matter to _you_ what the OP wants to use it for?

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