Non-thermal microwave injuries

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When the first reports of diplomats at the American Havana Embassy falling ill
were caused by microwave injuries it seemd quite implausible. Now it seems
more incidents have emerged, and the Frey effect, discovered in the early
1960's, at least indirectly supports the idea microwaves can have lasting non-
thermal effects on humans. The article is at

There are links within the article to the Frey effect.  

If anybody can shed further light please do. I always though microwave
injuries were exclusively thermal.  

Thanks for reading,

bob prohaska

Re: Non-thermal microwave injuries
On 10/20/2020 8:16 PM, bob prohaska wrote:
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In 1970 I was working for a small company making cardiac
pace makers.  We received reports that people with pace makers
were being affected by microwave ovens.  We did some tests and
found that leaky microwaves could interfere with our pace makers.
It wasn't a huge effect, you had to be pretty close, but they did


artificial pacemakers, was: Non-thermal microwave injuries

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From what I was taught way back this problem was
from the magnetic fields associated with the way
microwave ovens worked, and not with the  
microwaves themselves.  Hence a very quick
dropoff of problems if you were just a couple
of feet away.  (Inverse square law and all that).

Reason:  early pacemakers used a simple magnetic
relay to put them into "test mode".  So if you  
went to the cardiologist for a checkup, they'd
take EKGs, etc., both with and without a magnet
over your chest.

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