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The new Lenovo laptop I bought comes with an AC to 20V DC external power converter. Why such a high DC voltage? I would expect that most of the circuitry in there operates on 5V or even

3.3V. While they may still need 12V to power disk drive motors or something, is there anything at all that operates on anything close to 20V?
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David Harmon
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** The PSU is also a battery charger and needs to have a voltage high enough to do that job. For a standard 14.8V Li-ion pack, the peak charging voltage is about 17V - so having 3V more available allows the regulator circuitry to work.
** The internal 14.8V battery.

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Phil Allison

The battery charger.

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David Harmon a exposé le 24/11/2012 :


Furthermore I think the screen CFL through an inverter or the screen LEDs TBC

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