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Will I damage my laptop if I use a power supply rated at 16 volts rather than the 20 volts (same amp) that came with it. IBM have changed the power supplys for the newer laptops. I would like to use the old one I have from time to time as a second power supply. Thanks Rick

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Could damage one or the other or both. Or it might not. Why risk it?

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Meat Plow

I would not risk it.

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The lower voltage supply will probably cause the computer hardware to be unstable. This can lead to damage, most likely to the hard drive to begin with.

Call IBM support and find out where to order an original supply.

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Undervoltage does not damage electronics. A common myth found where people see electric motors damaged by low voltage; then automatically assume same applies to electronics.

Either the system will power on and be unstable, or system will not start. Threat is not to electronics. Threat would be to other things such as data integrity. Either way, nothing good is expected by using a power supply with insufficient power.

Not just voltage is important. Also important are current or watts numbers. Supply voltage probably increased because a newer computer needed more power.

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