inkjet circuitry

I'd like to understand the circuitry that accompanies canon cartridges.

Has anyone found a good tutorial site.



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On Saturday 11 September 2004 04:21 am, species8350 did deign to grace us with the following:

The "circuitry" would be trivial - a trace from the pad to the ink gun. Who the hell is going to pay somebody to come with a tutorial on a throwaway part?

At the appropriate time, you send a current pulse to the correct ink jet, and it squirts ink at the paper. I think it's little heating elements, that boil the ink and shoot the remaining liquid ink by the power of ink vapor.

Good luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

He probably wants to see the chip that tells the printer the cart has been used before. There are refill sites that show how to spoof the binary code sent to the printer by the chip.


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Tom Biasi

Canon doesn't do that nonsense. In fact, Canon (except for their cheapest units) uses seperate inkwells for each color (quite frugal).

You're thinking of Lexmark, Epson, And HP.

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