home theater sound problems

You have the volume too loud, and you're listening to the wrong style of "music". What you hear is the sound of the popping of your own personal neuromycothyricin vesicles. This is a very unhealthy condition that could lead to neuroplastia, macrophagia, and all manner of horrifying ailments. Because of the proximity of the vesicles to the delicate grey matter of the brain, it has not yet been determined how adverse and effect this has on the intelligence of the listener, as evidence appears to be primarily anecdotal. (there are those who claim that the brain damage came _first_. Poppycock!)

So, turn it down and stop destroying your mind, and those of your neighbors.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise
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My Panasonic home theater system pretty much works great. However, quite frequently the sound will be interupted by a popping static noise. Does anyone know how to help me? Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you have encountered Allen before :-)

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Tom Biasi

Are you entirely sure it's related to the home theater setup? It could possibly be scratches on your DVD's, or if you're watching satellite TV or digital cable TV, it could be a slightly weak signal.

- NRen2k5

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