Does anyone know of a way to create a HERF Gun without having to use a Magnetron to generate Microwaves.

So in other words, does anyone know how to create a High Energy Radio Frequency Signal that is powerful, but not using a Magnetron.

Any help would be grea.

Thanks, Chris

PS: Don't worry I'm not going to use this to take over the world :)

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Traveling-wave tube? High-power maser?

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Stephen J. Rush
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** You are in need of far too much help.

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......... Phil

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Phil Allison



Bye. Jasen

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Commercial broadcast transmitter....;-)

Bob M.

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Bob Myers

Multi-gate FETs that replace TWT's have been around since the 80's.

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Backward Wave Oscillator, Klystron, Reflex Klystron, Traveling Wave Amplifier Tube (TWAT ;-) ), Distributed Amplifiers, for a few.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

How about one that doesn't transmit commercials? ;-) The last one I maintained had 5 MW EIRP.

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Michael A. Terrell

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