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I have a game I took apart and on the pcb it has:


76021300 9712 REV.B

These turn nothing up in Google.

If I want to know what Microprocessor this company used for their game, where would I start (besides asking them)? Thank you.

The chip itself is not in a plastic case with legs, rather it is the little "square" chip with the leads attached directly, hard melted plastic covering the chip. I can't see the chip, so I don't know if it has markings on it.

Thanks again.

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On Sunday 03 October 2004 08:18 pm, jm did deign to grace us with the following:

That's "chip-on-board", and there's essentially no way to find out other than to dissolve the epoxy blob with hydrofluoric acid and reverse-engineer the chip itself.

It's much cheaper to just buy a new micro. ;-)

Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

The reason for looking at the existing one was for just that, so I'd know what kind of chip to get. That's what I am really after.

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more often than not, they're not an off-the-shelf micro; rather they're a custom designed-manufactured ASIC.

It's actually cheaper to mass-produce them that way (Think masked ROM vs EPROM).

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Craig Hart

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