3 Phase Motor Voltages

I am trying to make heads or tale of the voltage information on this Bronzoni motor label:

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Some of it just doesn't make sense to me. Is the voltage listing Wye/ Delta or Delta/Wye or some other configuration. No other wiring info was found in/on the motor.

I intend to use the motor with a Star/Wye configuration with neutral using phase voltage, not phase-to-phase.

thanks for any help.... aaawelder

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Thank you, this is a great response. The motor is a 6 wire. I apologize for the busted link, here is a better one:

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My biggest concern is what will be the total operating voltage, 360 or

480 in Wye?
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I wish I could offer some assistance how ever, the link you provided is not available.. So, I don't know what kind of motor you have how ever, if it's a 6 wire motor. You wire in Delta for low voltage and Y(WYE) for higher voltage.

In delta, you get double the current between windings where the Y has to pass through 2 windings. 1 2 and 3 are the M wires ..

If it's a 9 wire motor.

Low voltage: 1-7,2-8,3-9, 4-5-6

M1=1-7,M2=2-8,M3=3-9; etc..

High Voltge: 4-7,5-8,6-9; M1= 1, M2= 2, M3=3;

For 12 wire, they can be done in either Delta, Y, low and high etc.

You can configure a 12W in Y mode, just tie the 10-11-12 together and wire like you would a 9 wire motor.

If want do Delta, you need 10 back to 2, 11 back to 3, and 12 back to 1. You also need perform the Y config for like you would in a 9 wire motor, this makes a complete delta loop with a 12 wire.

But, since I could see what the hell you're using, this is all academic.

Have a good day..

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