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I am considering to purchase a used industrial equipment running on 3 phase`s a old industrial robot with servo motors i do not receive 3 phase current from the Hydro-electric company. before buying a phase converter, it is more expenses and i think that (perhaps it`s not needed!!) i consider this When i look at the schematic i realise that the electronic drive section receive 200 volt dc, somehow the 3 phases are blended . then the drive redistribute 3 phase to the motor,through some powerfull FET transistor, there is 6 of them bridged by 3 gang of 2. my question is: do the motor drive need 3 phases input to output 3 phases? can i connect the input transfo of the controller to a single phase current and let the drive somehow build it`s own 3 phases output?

thanks for your help Guy

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Guy S.
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find your self an old high output 3 phase motor. connect a small single phase motor to get it started on the shaft, connect L1 and L2 to T1 and T2 of the 3 phase motor and use T3 as your third phase from the motor to your shop.

wait for the motor to get spinning from the little single phase, once you get it going i think you can turn off the little single phase starter motor. its been years since i have done this but i think that is how we use to do it on the farm out in the garage. this maybe a cheaper way to get 3 phase.

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VF PWM motor controllers use a DC "bridge" which is about 360 VDC for 240 VAC, and 720 VDC for 480 VAC. If you can generate the required DC voltage, you can bypass the input rectifiers. I bought a GE/Fuji 2 HP drive and I power it on 240 VAC single phase. It is rated at only 1 HP under these conditions, but it would probably work at full power by adding a large capacitor on the DC bridge terminals. However, the charging current might exceed the ratings of the input rectifiers.


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Paul E. Schoen

Guy, making a phase converter is a project that can be done for very little money in a couple of evenings. Then you can save a lot of money on all kinds of cheap, high quality three phase equipment.

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