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I am trying to build a 3 phase controllor for a BLDC motor. However, going through the websites, not much help is found. I would like to know, where should i start? I am looking at a 3 phase driver TD310.

Any replies are much appreciated.



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On the

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website, you can also find the complete schematics, parts lists, and PIC code for their motor control demo boards, which you can also purchase for a few hundred bucks. They also have good WMV tutorials and excellent app notes. I have spent several years off and on researching motor controls, motor design, and basic component characteristics, and I'm still learning. I am going to build a motor controller for my own experimental purposes, for three phase induction motors. If not for the fact I am going to research some unique custom wound motors, I would just buy what I needed. Let me know when you have learned enough to engage in a serious discussion, and we can talk. Until then, you need to do some research and hands on experimentation.


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Paul E. Schoen

You can also take a look to ATMEL website

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they have documents with several implementations for controlling BLDC motors. Some of them are complex, others very simple.



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If you are talking about high voltage design (110-240 etc), couple an International Rectifier IRAMS modeule with a Microchip PIC 18f controller and all is done. Microchip even sell a dev board already kitted out ready to go. I used the microchip dev board to design a

3phase inverter for my father (retired engineer) so he could run some machinery. Build half dozen of them and they are going great guns.
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