Bronzoni 3 Phase Motor

I am trying to make heads or tale of the voltage information on this Bronzoni motor label:

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Some of it just doesn't make sense to me. Is the voltage listing Wye/ Delta or Delta/Wye or some other configuration. No other wiring info was found in/on the motor.

I intend to use the motor with a Wye configuration, 120v phases. In this configuration, will the operating voltage be 360 or 480.

thanks for any help.... aaawelder

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But looking at the wiring block:

top nuts connect these Phases: A B C

The Other ends of the windings are bussed together and should not be connected. Or a Wye if you must.

Is the 460 on the name plate 480? Otherwise I'd run it at 360vac. Got a 3phase variac handy?

Rosenburg's book is in-valuable if you want to understand the details in rebuilding.

Wish he had more design info.


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Martin Riddle

Thanks Martin Riddle, I was thinking along those lines, I just needed a consensus.

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