What are these newsgroups about ?

Whats on topic is usually indepth discussion about aspects of computer architecture or related ideas far far above the posts recently foisted on it.

Whats off topic is stupid reinventions, stupid questions that could be answered by asking teacher or looking in the library or even googling the groups or even getting a book like "HOW DO COMPUTERS WORK", you know the one with big letters and lots of colors. You can useually pick em up for $5 or less.

Serious questions from outside the industry are treated with respect if they show that there is already a good deal of knowledge attained. Most people here do not work for Intel or AMD, but they don't work for MacDonalds either! A few might not even be working but dealing with this endless drivel is getting on my t*ts.

OK I said it, I feel much better!

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I wonder what these newsgroups are about and what's on topic and off topic.

Computer architecture ? can be anything ?

What about electronics ?

When I think of electronics I mostly think of bigger components like things found on a motherboard...

Do processors like CPU's and GPU's and memory chips fall under electronics as well or is that too high-tech ? ;)

Maybe I am looking at this from the wrong angle ?

Computer architecture could be more about the design of components together ?

Electronics could be maybe more about the little things inside ? ;)

Just trying to get a feel for these newsgroups :D

Maybe both newsgroups are just a mix of both :)

Bye, Skybuck.

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Skybuck Flying

Lurk for awhile. Just sit and read posts, and get a feel for what the group's about. You might also spend some time reading news:sci.electronics.basics , and if you have a proper newsreader and your newsserver carries binaries, news:alt.binaries.schematics.electronic .

And there are tutorials all over the place.

You're never going to invent anything new until you learn the basics. That's why I for one, recommend some kind of "200-in-1" experimenter training kit.

Good Luck! Rich

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Rich Grise

Yes, computers nowadays are very complex +-= "high tech"

I am trying to get back to basics. I want a very very very very very very very very very very very simply computer/cpu (but still as powerfull as a turing machine).

And what better way to have an utter utter utter utter utter utter utter utter newby like me build/design it lol.

I did read an old PC architecture book a long time ago... it was full with errors and it raised many questions.

I studied the book really really really hard, and I only got a 5 at college for hardware.

But thanks to compensation I did manage to get a 6.

However thanks to the internet I can read up on lot's of stuff and I try to do that as much as possible.

But it won't be enough... even the net can have errors in it's information.

And I can't ask a website a question now can I ? ;)

So all I am saying is I need a little guidance to get any good at all this stuff.

Because on my own I can't do it =D

Such a relief ;) :)

I am glad you feel much better now =D

Bye, Skybuck.

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Skybuck Flying

What you are _saying_ is

"Hi! I live next to an iron mine :) and I want ;) to :D build a race car!!!! I've read one book on building cars, but even though I've never done it I didn't believe the book :o). Since I don't have the patience (intelligence, consideration, whatever) to use Google or my local library, I'm going to ask each and every question here :) ;) (: !!! I don't want to start by learning how to fix a car :) I want to start by _building a race car_! It's going to be very very very good because I know nothing about building cars! I'm a very good driver :). I'm going to do it by asking questions _here_ instead of going out and paying my dues like everyone else on earth does because _I'm_ more special than _them_ :) :) ;) :D"

Do you catch the drift?

Tim Wescott
Wescott Design Services
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Tim Wescott

They are mostly about not cross-posting.

  ... Hank

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Hank Oredson

Cue scary music from the Twilight Zone !


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Pooh Bear


Yes that's mostly correct, though I would describe it differently.

Since CPU's can now be programmed just like applications.

So I would describe it as:

"So far I have designed and build virtual houses and now I want to build a simple small real hut :)"

Bye, Skybuck.

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Skybuck Flying

One way to find out is to lurk awhile. If you haven't the patience for that, download the last month or two's postings and browse them. (See also

formatting link

If you aren't prepared to do either, then you'll annoy the regulars and get flamed. Of course, having not done either you won't realise that. :(

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Ken Hagan

to both of you. :-)

FWIW I don't see your threads being off-topic, though I'm ignoring one thru lack of interest.



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Ken Taylor

No, you're saying now you want to make nails from iron ore, and plant and harvest your own trees and handsaw them into lumber, and melt your own silica & flux to make window glass...

See the difference?

Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

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