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Is it possible to create a very cheap device that is either a transmitter or transceiver that works over around 50-100m in mass quantities for just a few dollars. I have a project in mind that calls for mass producing such devices but I need them real cheap. I am hoping for something on the scale of $1 or $2 in quantities of 10k or even more(upwards of millions). They would be battery powered and need very long life(1 year min). The comm rate is very slow(maybe 1 message every 5 seconds) and distance measurement would be a bonus.

Actually I would like a zigbee like protocol for such things if possible. Basically the devices would be similar in function to your car door remotes. I do believe though I will have to have a transceiver based device since a transmitter won't really cut it.

Just curious as to the potential of getting the cost down, else the project is not really worth it.

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Jon Slaughter
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With no specs concerning splatter, etc just take a NPN with off the shelf 1:1 or so xfmr and resistor for base bias and let it rip ("variant" of the "Joule Thief").. Modulate on/off as needed. Use some care in selecting the xfmr for total cost under $1.

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Robert Baer

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Yes, use a spark plug, and a Ge diode as detector. Tuned circuit is optional.

Keep it there.

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