What Zigbee hardware to use?


Someone here with Zigbee experience could provide me some suggestions on what hardware (modules) to choose?

I'm looking for something tiny and easy to use.

Im thinking on the TI CC2530ZNP Mini Kit once I found many zigbee modules that are based on the CC2530 chip. The Zigbee Processor (ZNP) seems interesting. However I don't know if it is really out-of-the-box or easy to use. And not cheap compared to buy zigbee modules once I think I'll need to buy more hardware (CC debugger + packet sniffer).

I'm planning to implement a network with 1 coordinator, 2 routers and 2 end-devices. Something like this:

.coordinator ..router .....end-device .....end-device ..router

Any suggestions are very welcomed.

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I have good expirences with Digi modules.

Regards Jens

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I think the design is older but, this winsystems board;

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, appears to use a maxStream module. They were bought by Digi in 2006 so, I'd say that's a good source as mentioned by JeGy.

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USB Sticks

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You will find that the ATmega128RFA1 has a lot lower power consumption than the CC2530 solution and slightly better link budget, which maps out to better range.

BR Ulf Samuelsson

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