Using ISR() Macro in AVR-GCC

Hi folks,

My code is handling both timer0 interrupt and SPI interrupt. And I don't want to loose any of the SPI interrupts and hence thought of making the timer0 ISR to work in NOBLOCK mode. But when i use

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect, ISR_NOBLOCK) { /* Code */


the compiler gives an error: "macro "ISR" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1"

where it works fine for

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect) { /* Code */



Right now I am implementing the code as follows

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect) { sei(); /* Code */


But I would like to use the first one. Isn't the first implementation suppose to work??

Anyone has any guess why it is not working...

Thank you ..


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Vivek B
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The gcc library maintainers read the forums at Ask this question there. You will get an answer in minutes. I think ISR macro replaces SIG and INTR macros, one of which was re-entrant.

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