Using ISR() Macro in AVR-GCC

Hi folks,

My code is handling both timer0 interrupt and SPI interrupt. And I don't want to loose any of the SPI interrupts and hence thought of making the timer0 ISR to work in NOBLOCK mode. But when i use

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect, ISR_NOBLOCK) { /* Code */ }

the compiler gives an error: "macro "ISR" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1"

where it works fine for

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect) { /* Code */ }


Right now I am implementing the code as follows

ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect) { sei(); /* Code */ }

But I would like to use the first one. Isn't the first implementation suppose to work??

Anyone has any guess why it is not working...

Thank you ..


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Vivek B
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You probably have to update the gcc compiler

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FWIW, it works correctly in a recent WinAVR (20071221).


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Mike Silva

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Just think about it for a while. An interrupt can occur at ANY time. It transfers control to some preknown code location. What could possibly supply it any parameter values?

It would appear your system transfers to a location that identifies the actual interrupt occuring, and then calls your code with that id as a parameter. But that is a feature of the primary ISR service routine, before it fans out to your routine. You have to modify the calling code to supply additional parameters. The supplied code is probably handling such things as disabling further interrupts, reenabling them on service exit, etc.

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It's not a parameter in the C sense, but a compiler directive.

Without the ISR_NOBLOCK directive the entry code to the INT routine starts e.g. like this:

push r1 push r0 in r0, 0x3f ; 63 push r0 eor r1, r1 etc...

With the ISR_NOBLOCK directive it looks like this:

sei /* re-enables INTS right away */ push r1 push r0 in r0, 0x3f ; 63 push r0 eor r1, r1 etc...


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Mike Silva

The "ISR(TIMER0_COMP_vect, ISR_NOBLOCK)" is not a function definition of itself, and the "TIMER0_COMP_vect" and "ISR_NOBLOCK" are not parameters. These are all macros, designed to declare an appropriate ISR function with the right vector number, and with the right function attributes.

It certainly happens that people try to write ISRs with parameters without understanding what is really going on, but that's not the case here. The most likely cause of the problem is that the OP is using an older version of the compiler and/or library (with avr-gcc, the header with the ISR macros is part of the avr-libc library) but taking example code from the current on-line documentation, which obviously refers to the latest version of the tools.

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David Brown

I thought so.. Thank you :)

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Vivek B

Yes.. I know.. See that the sei mnemonic is used before the stack operations, which makes it more efficient than the second implementation i specified - the reason why I want this to be used... Anyways, updating the complier should fix the problem.

Thank you Mike.. :)

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Vivek B

YES!!! Thats it.. The library is new.. I checked the maro implementation of ISR, it do handles attributes :)... It should be the compiler.

Thank you David, for dropping by..

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Vivek B

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