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I am designing a system in which I need to generate a timestamp in order to insert a checksum, an ID, and other metadata to accompanying data being passed between modules. I have seen and read of recommendations to use TOY (Time of Year) Chips but I cannot find any specific chip or Datasheet on any, to accomplish this.

Any recommendation or referral to suitable references would be appreciated.


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Adam Smith
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If the system has a micro, you can implement a clock. Clocks have this problem that they need to be synchronised at regular times. That would require some connection to for example the internet (time server), some PC, or interface with the user.

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Jan Panteltje

I have questions about what level of security do you require if you need a time stamp - will a simple (predictable, tamperable and emulatorable do the job?)

But if you just need a clock internal to your devices you can have the devices synchronize off each other

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David Eather

Try looking for RTC instead of TOY!

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Mike Harrison

...or look for a chip that is designed for a toy..

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Robert Baer

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