Timer Circuit 555 74123

I'm looking for some advice on a design project I'm working on. Basically I need a circuit with an adjustable delayed pulse of approx

5-50ms as well as an adjustable pulse width of 8-11sec. I'll actually have to build three of these, the idea is I need to activate three individual devices at different times and have them deactivate in reverse order approx 10 seconds later with one control source.

I'm think I can accomplish this with a couple of 555 timers. I'm just probing around to see if someone has a better idea. I've had some succes with a similar circuit using 74LS123's but this situation is different in that I need the 10 sec pulse width. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Mike Ellis
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What's the input, and what are you outputting to ?

Sounds like the perfect job for a little micro-controller. PIC is easy, AVR is better.

- Steve

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