There are STM32s in Digikey

It's the same for all auto makers. They can keep price high as long as everybody is doing it. Anyway, we have to adjust to having less cars. There is no need for 1.88 car per household.

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Not every luxury/performance manufacturer is doing great I don't think:

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McLaren on Monday: These accusations are outrageous!

McLaren on Friday: We are proud to announce our new corporate partnership with Audi Group...

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Tesla is pretty much eating up other luxury sales. 2021 2020 (est) Revenue $34B $20B Income $3B $1B Margin 11% 10%

Both GM and Ford are doing better with less unit sales.

Earning year to date (Sept)

2021 2020 GM Revenue $93.4B $84.9B Income $8.3B $3.5B Margin 8.9% 4.2%

Ford Revenue $98.7B $91.2B Income $5.7B $1.5B Margin 5.7% 1.7%

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