The Raspberry Pi Spectrum Analyzer

Success: The Raspberry Pi Spectrum Analyzer

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This is the RTLSDR based spectrum analyzer ported to raspberry Pi, here shown REMOTELY! via ssh -Y

So latest xforms working, and fftw3, libusb, librtlsdr, rtl_fm, etc all compiled for ARM on debian.

Soon as I get a second HDMI monitor .. as this is too big for the small PAL monitor... But maybe I will compile a small PAL version, after all the little monitor works great. People interested in the source of this spectrum analyzer should ask here.

But remember, getting all libs and permission working took me a couple of hours on a Saturday..

I cheated, I changed the permissions for pi in /etc/pasword to the same as root. Get used to it :-) Time is money, I love this little computah, so far it outperforms my expectations.

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Jan Panteltje
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compiled for ARM on debian.

r works great.


hours on a Saturday..

s root.

Hi I'm a sound engineer, I'm interested in using a Raspberry Pi in a live e nvironment. Having a Small 1080p display showing a Full 20Hz -> 20kHz read out taking an input from a generic USB Audio Codec device (Behringer UCA202 ) then showing the output on the monitor. Quick boot up time and simple dis play. Graph showing dB on the left with Hz along the bottom.

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On a sunny day (Thu, 15 Aug 2013 05:40:49 -0700 (PDT)) it happened wrote in :

Seems like you have to do some programming, but do not things like 'audacity' have a FFT display?

I wrote xpequ:

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should compile on the Pi too, has simple scope and FFT.

Also graphic equalizer... AGC, whatever...

There is also a simple program (very simple) called 'xspectrum' that should work on the Pi, if you can get that sound thing recognised...

I was trying to get a cheap Easycap USB device fro mebay working on the Pi, no luck so far, it has video and audio. Maybe the audio works, seems others cannot get teh video to work either, works on the PC though.

Does the Pi recognize the UCA202?

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