Testing Eternal September...

If you do not see this message, please tell me. :-D


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Tim Williams
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I don't see it ;/

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Jon Slaughter

It's 10:32, still not posted.

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Can't see it t all :) BTW, judging from the frequency with which the name pops up, motzarella/eternal-september seems to be the most popular free newsserver and I've had an account with it for qute some time. But I find albasani.net to be more consistently available. It doesn't do binaries but I seldom need that.

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What message? [1]


[1] as in the famous "What telegram?"
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John Larkin

Scene: Lecture hall

Lecturer: "Can everybody hear me?" Student, in back of room: "No!"


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Rich Grise

Thanks for posting, didn=B4t know about those free newsservers.

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