Semi-OT: New "White Van Speaker Scam" has evolved for the 21st century

Looks like a nice high-end surround system by a reputable mfgr, the web site is well put-together:

There are glowing reviews promoted at the top of the Google results:

Links to units for sale on eBay for $900 pop up when you do a search on the name:

It's all bullshit designed to make the white van scam artist's victims who, because it's the modern era, would naturally look up the name real quick on their phone or computer before putting money down believe it's not the same white van scam as always:

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Good grief, you could get a really good oscilloscope or DVM for $900. Or both.

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John Larkin

Yup. There are surely real "audiophile" brands that cost that much.

The story I read from a victim says there are no "high end speakers" made by any such "Sonar Media Labs" it's all a ruse. Inside the box there are speakers, yeah, but I don't think they're even amped. Cheap junk probably worth about $20, the scam victim paid $200.

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