White Van home theater amp

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One of my customers dropped off this combo 5.1 amp and sub for work.  I tri
ed to discourage him but he insisted.  I let it sit a week and just cracked
 it open a few minutes ago.  I think it has a bad programmable micro AT89C2
051, but when I searched on "Theater Innovations" and TI-5100 to see if par
ts were available, I came up with this as being one of those white van deal
s.  Looking it over, it's honestly no worse than any other toilet one would
 buy at Walmart, and maybe even better than some.  It has TO-3P Toshiba out
puts for the sub and Thomson TO-220 for the balance of the speaker outputs.
  I don't know how many watts were claimed on the box, but the back of the  
amp says <900W, so they're not lying LOL.  It does have a nice toroid trans
former though..

Re: White Van home theater amp
On 9/16/2020 1:00 AM, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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I have a Chinese 2.1 that I bought for the equivalent of ~US$20  
about 15 years ago. The claimed output is 1480W!! I traced the  
circuit quite some time ago and estimated the actual power at  
roughly 5W + 2.5Wx2, maybe less.

The sound is quite good though - for that price. Not hi-fi of  
course, but it sounds better than all other models I've listened  
to in the same price range. Better, in fact, than many others  
costing twice or more. It has a smooth rich bass, not boomy, and  
clear mids and highs.

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