seeking graphical LCD with built-in controller


I would like to find a fairly high resolution LCD display with a built-in controller, preferably color.

Essentially I want to be able to send it drawing commands like draw line, fill area, write pixels, scroll.

But do such things exist at this point?


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You will need to be more specific.

Do you want a small PC that does not look like a PC. Do you want a computer inside the display AND and external computer. ( i.e. a PC inside with the display AND a PC outside the display )

Cost will drive what you are trying to do. Two computers does not make sense.

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Well, if the computer inside the display is halfway decent, i.e. if it's for instance an ARM with a good chunk of RAM and flash, that would be sufficient. But I rather doubt that's the case with these things and I would guess that the manufacturer would offer no guarantees about the internal computer since their offer would be more to provide a reliable interface and understandable command set.

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What I need is a PIC (positively indifferent coworker) which is based on NMOS technology (noncommitting minimal observation syndrome) on which I can run my new RTOS (reality transformation & obfuscation scheme) and achieve a TCP connection (torpidity-concomitant procrastinationism).

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Hi! I'm into animation and making fonts and can control myself very well. Am I an LCD? I can also R/W (Read and Write) and am especially good around cache (Cash.) I even have a BL (Brother-in-Law) who lives downstairs. Sometimes he leaves the lights on. You need to be careful around him though, he can be turned-on in the flick of a switch. He's generally a pretty cold Cathode, but he warms up eventually. That's why we built an inverter for him. (He doesn't read Satanic bibles or anything.) I like to read and make many small presentations in my working hours, and sleep all the rest of the time. The Doc says I am CMOS (Complementary Mental Opposites Syndrome) but as usual, I don't think I do believe him. Or do I not?

Are you a PIC? I'm seeking a PIC (Pretty, Intelligent Chick) for eventual production of a few daughterboards. We can ramp-in production slowly, maybe prototype our interconnections awhile, but just so we're clear, prog-ramming and interfacing with my hard-disk is the goal. We can meet by Bus or Port, either is fine. A PIC with ROM (Really Open-Mindset) would be great but is not essential. The PIC must have SPI though (Sexy Panties Included) and RMW (Really Massive Watermelons.) If she can understand CCS (C-is-fer-Country-Slang) then that would be great as we can talk without learning ASM (Archaic, Shitty Mumbo-Jumbo.) ASICs (Asian Sisters In China) are also welcome, and so are PLD's (Pretty Latino Dancers). But all DSP applications (Dudes Swearing Pregnancy) will be routed to



-- "Now don't get me wrong, it's critical to be curious and to think with an open mind... but it's also critical not to delude one's self in the process." MCJ 2003

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