LCD Controller with SPI


I have been searching for a while, and google has not been as friendly as it normally is.

I am looking for a LCD Controller with SPI interface, capable of driving a

320x240 B/W display. Most SPI based controllers I have found, only have 240x64 or so capability.

The microcontroller I plan to use does not have external bus interface (AT91SAM7X256) and due to total systemcost, I am reluctant to swtich to a controller where I would need external memories and ethernet controller.

Any help, comments or pointers are gladly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.


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Henrik [6650]
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Likely to be a challenge, due to the natural bandwidth choice of parallel. ( tho a supplier could offer both interfaces at trivial cost, if the bothered to think of it..)

Some other choices could be

** To use a large CPLD/small FPGA as the controller ( might have Icc impacts ), ** To use a smaller CPLD as an SPI/SSC_parallel bridge, allowing use of any LCD controller.


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Jim Granville

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