Recommendations for an Op Amp practical circuits book?

Looking for a comprehensive practical based Op Amp circuit applications book - with a minimum of theory and/or datasheets, and one that doesnt use esoteric Op Amps. Anyone got some recommendations: title, author? Had the Op Amp Cookbook, but it got a new owner, as I didnt think much of it. Thanks, JEFF

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Whose "Op Amp Cookbook"?

If it was Jung's, but "it got a new owner", no book can help you.

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Jim Thompson

"Jeff" wrote in news:5zb1g.13856$

Try R M Marston. He wrote two pocket books, passive components in book one, linear IC's including op-amps in book 2. I have found him st be very clear, and it'a nearly always easy to get immediate results with the info he presents. He wrote an op-amp specific guide that goes further, also very useful, but for quick reference, there;s enough good stuff in the linear IC's book.

If you are willing to stump up the £30 or whatever it costs now, The Art Of Electronics is good. It's rarely my first place to look, but when I want deeper info it usually rewards.

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I really liked the one Don Lancaster did. (all his stuff was really good).


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