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Windows Stereo Scoundcard Oscilloscope, Mutiple Inputs Modes, Mixer

> Controls, Single/Dual Trace, Man/AutoGain, Color Settings, Trigger > Settings, AC/DC, Hortz/Vert Settings, Revearsable Chan Input, DB/Volt > Input, Plus many More, Using the sound cards line input jacks with IC > freq dividers, scope may be used as a regular Low Freq Oscilloscope. > Sent email attached to pAypal buyers for instant delivery, Low Cost > $9.95, Link provided for buyers via email, email me for GUI image, >

Do you compare your GUI and performance to Bob Masta's Daqarta?

[note, not associated with, nor gain benefit from]

Bob Masta DAQARTA v7.50 Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis

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Scope, Spectrum, Spectrogram, Sound Level Meter Frequency Counter, Pitch Track, Pitch-to-MIDI FREE Signal Generator, DaqMusiq generator Science with your sound card!

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Seconded. I bought a pro license for Daqarta. It is worth every penny, I did some unorthodox stuff with it and Bob provided very good support.

Regards, Joerg
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