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>>> John Lark>>>> >>>> >>>>> John Lark>>>>>> >>>>>> >>>>>>> John Lark>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>> John Lark>>>>>>>>>> We got this cabin in the mountains, and it's DARK up there at night. >>>>>>>>>> The HOA forbids exterior lighting... I'd forgotten how many stars >>>>>>>>>> there are. >>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>> A HOA in the mountains, for cabins? Oh man ... >>>>>> Well, we do have two golf courses, a few rec centers, a private beach >>>>>> on Lake Donner, and our own ski area. Really primitive! >>>>>> >>>>> Wow. That ain't your grandpa's cabin no more. Probably "only" 80 >>>>> channels of cable TV and for broadband you have to suffer from less than >>>>> 1Mb/sec ;-) >>>> 91 channels, and the wi-fi reports just under 4 mbps. "Roughing it." >>>> >>> That sure doesn't look like a place where you can show up in the VW >>> Rabbit :-) >> >> The Brat was apparently hoarding college expense money, and she bought >> a Jeep: >> >> >> >> I should have got a refund! >> > >Either you spoiled her or she is the master of frugal living. I am not >quite used to the times when kids get all their tuition paid for by the >parents. My pa paid some of mine as well but I did not want him to pay >it all, it just did not feel right. So I had to work, when I had a car >it was a salvage case, no phone, no on-campus living (didn't want to >anyhow), find a place in the neighbor country because it was cheaper >there, shopping at places similar to Tar-jay, Walmart, Food-for-Less, >thrift stores. No grocery shopping the last week of the month on account >of depleted funds. Heck, I had it a lot better than my pa because his >father passed away end of WW-II so he had to earn 100% of his tuition >all by himself.

I worked my way through college, but her time was too valuable, being occupied by softball and beer pong and hustling pool. She did work for me summers, and now that she's graduated she works for us full time. The psychology degree works surprisingly well in marketing... and she's also managing our big materials-control-system redesign, and one programmer.

Beer pong is apparently good training for real life.


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Hey, so finally there is hope that there could be a successor. I have seen several cases where none could be found and all of them pretty sad.

She doesn't have to like or even understand electronics. As long as she is a good manager and realizes that beaucoup Dollars can be earned that should work.

Ah, yes! For the uninitiated:

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