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Did you realize the *social spending has increase from 23% of total

> government expenditures in 1960 to 61% in 2010? > > *Social spending includes income security (Social Security, welfare, > etc.), healthcare, education, housing, and recreation. > > 1960-23% =A01970-35% =A01980-47% =A01990-45% =A02000-56$ =A02010-61% > >
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> > =A0 The socialists have won.

Not only the socialists, but everybody who has benefited from better education, better healthcare, better housing and better recreation.

Even the rich, who have paid for more of it than the poor (who have got more of the direct benefit).

The rich don't need government funded health care - but they do benefit from there being less infectious diseases around. They don't need the government to pay for their education, but they do benefit from being able to hire more well-educated emnployees, and those employees living in better housing, get sick less often and are more productive at work

You would have been happier if they'd spent a larger proportion of fighting wars?

-- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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Bill Sloman
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