Programming PLA/GAL/CPLDs with tait programmer

I've built a tait based serial programmer to program microcontrols and eeproms. I used the plans from here in case anyones interested

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I would like to be able to program some PLA/GALs with it. I know lattice and several other companies have ISP support. Looking at lattices programmig docs, I see that it uses full duplex serial but I could easily modify my programmer to be able to switch between full and half duplex data output. Is there any software out there that would support this programmer? I doubt the stuff the chip manufactureers provide would support a homebuilt programmer.(espicially since I'd need the dta and clock lines inverted although I could do this my self.)

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Have a look at the JAM players. You can get the source code for them[1]. Many development tools will write a JAM file. If you change the hardware interface part of the JAM player, you will then be compatible with all of those.

[1]If you can't find it with google e-mail me and I'll send you the source.
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