People before the 1960's could NOT see Color

The reason the old TV sets were in black and white, is because people before the 1960's could not see color. People only saw things in Black & White back then.

Now, think back to the 1960s and early 70's. Remember when everyone was smoking weed, and doing LSD. Then recall, one of the first things people said after taking these drugs, was "Wow man, I'M SEEING COLORS", This is groovy". Little did they know, that these drugs were the reason people were finally able to see in color, and why TV sets suddenly had color on their screens. It had nothing to do with electronics, it was all due to these drugs, causing a permanent change in human vision.

Heck, thanks to weed and LSD, I'm seeing colors on my computer screen right now. (Groovy, Huh!) Better yet, my Iron Butterfly albums are even creating colors on my walls right now..... Oh, wait, that's my Lava Lamp and Color Organ causing those colors on the wall. [Insert Psychedelic Trip experience Here]

*** (Are you experienced?) ***

(See Color Organ schematic here:)

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If you want to see the world the way it looked to your parents (if they were born before 1950), and/or how the world looked to you, before you took that Weed and LSD in the 60's, just go to ME-TV and watch some of the old episides of Perry Mason, The Rifleman, or Mr.Ed..... They are still in Black & White, even on a "Color Tv". (I wonder how they do that?)

(Thats some pretty Cool shit man).....

Welcome ot the age of ' C O L O R '

Wow, I'm seeing COLORS, right now......

Far Out man,,,,,,, this is really Groovy.......

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Anyone who designs a circuit using 5 opamp sections instead of 4 or 6 should be deported, IMO.

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And digital ground in an all-analog circuit?

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It looks like they were trying to distinguish the "virtual ground" from the main supply ground, but just forgot to re-label the symbol.

I don't see any reason this circuit needs a buffered virtual ground, anyway; it only feeds four op-amp inputs. Or a sorta-esoteric R-R op amp like the MC3204blah blah.

A TL084 is fine...

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Careful what you wish for, the might get deported HERE !

But really, that first OP AMP could go and just give the other stages a bit more gain. Wasn't there some kind of unwritten law said "Don't waste silicon" ?

Of course these hippies don't even care about written laws so...

(not that I do either but that is beside the point)

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the audio in socket looks odd too.

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Jasen Betts

If that's a color organ, where do the key switches go?


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Good point. All of those Old Masters and Impressionist paintings were all black and white.

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