Opera Browser Issues

I've been using Opera as my main browser lately and it has worked well until today. I've been moving a web site to a new provider and twice now when I attempt to download a file the browser locks up. Worse, I can't kill one of the many Opera processes. Seems one process gets a kill message, then locks waiting for something to happen (likely network related). Then it is impossible to kill that task as it is in the process of quitting.

On the advice of a website I installed Process Hacker, but it doesn't have any better luck at forcing the process to quit.

Of course a reboot fixes the problem, but I prefer not to do that.

Maybe it's better to fix the cause... Similar problems are claimed to be network driver related (generically speaking) so I attempted to update the network driver. That seems to run ad infinitum and virtually nothing going across the network. How does this feature work? Is it just checking Microsoft to see what the vendors have registered with them? Or does it know to find the vendor's web site?

I think I am about eight levels deep in the problem solving stack at the moment. This is getting old.


Rick C
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