Old radio shack project box

Ratshack usd to stock a project box that was about 4" x 4" x 3" tall.

The bottom front and back is gray clored aluminum sheet bent into the shape of a U. The top and sides are blacked aluminum with air vent slots in the sides.

Anyone know which box I'm talking about?

where else I can get this or a similar box?

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mook Johnson
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I have a bunch that are about the same size, and are GC (General Cement?) as I recall. Mine came from one of the local wholesale houses about 15 years ago. How many do you need? I can't look for them until Monday.


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Don Bowey

Digikey HM322-ND.

regards PN2222A

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That's an aluminum utility box from Hammond. Hammond does make some things that are sort of like the old Radio Shack cabs the OP was asking about, but not identical: The Hammond 1454 series is steel top and bottom, one end is sloped, and without ventilation slots.

What the OP was asking about is more similar (in fact I think it's identical) to the Mouser/EPD 40UB102 or 40UB103.


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Tim Shoppa

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