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We're shopping around for a new gas range/stove/cooker.

For around $500, you can get a GE that's full of electronics.

At about $2K, the Bosch has less electronics, but the oven controls are still all touchpad/encoder.

For around $3K or so, it's a Thermadore or a Viking with a little electronics. The Thermadore does a cheap trick to increase the turndown ratio, electronic cycling of the burners.

For really big bucks, ballpark $5K, you can get a Wolf with hardly any electronics... just the ignitor system.

The Duro NXR looks OK, for about $2K. Good construction, good turndown, very little electronics.


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John Larkin
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Support your industry, get the one with the most electronics!


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David L. Jones

...preferably with a humaniform robot to turn it on and off...and thereby support positronics!

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Robert Baer

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For 100$ you have a microwave ;-)

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Jan Panteltje

Stay away from the Whirlpool Gold series. We have one (came with the house!) and in the two years we have lived here, it has had three major defects. First, the fan was extremely noisy. (Fans function - keep the electronics cool!) Second, the electronics went out ($200 for the parts, and took 6 weeks. No baking last Christmas!) Now, the broiler igniter has gone out. The part is $20, so we just bought us a $30 toaster oven to do the little broiling that we do!


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Charlie E.

I would be afraid to buy anything. The last stove I bought selling the old house was the cheapest wall electric oven at over $400. I also bougth a Sears gas cooktop for just over $300. My brother just got done spending $200 for a Fridgadare control board for his electric combo. I am using in the new old house, an old Caloric electric combo. One burner has a poor connection, otherwise its fine. My preference is an electric oven with gas burners. Its hard to find a combo like that. The gas oven creats the most heat into the room as its used. I could probably get along with my Sears Turbo/microwave oven combo, as I was thinking of just updating with a gas stovetop, but I have to admit, the large oven is hard to beat for the big jobs. I have two microwaves, two turbos, and one large electric oven

The crazy part is my "big" microwave/turbo does not beat my mini Toastmaster turbo, or the small Panasonic microwave with 1300 watts.


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On Nov 9, 10:35=A0pm, John Larkin

Wow, my brother has a restaurant, even his Wolf 8 burner, double oven, restaurant series stove didn't cost anywhere near that.

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