need help to build a voltage controlled volume control

I'm working on a stereo system for my motorcycle helmet so I can listen to music from my iPod while I'm motoring down the road. 5 watt amplifiers provide the music power I need, problem is I have to constantly diddle the volume of the MP3 player to adjust for wind noise. Seems straight forward enough to convert wind noise to DC using a mike and amp and integrator, but I need help with making a LINEAR voltage controlled volume control to use between the iPod and the amp. Thanks for any help or suggestions anyone can offer.

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there are a couple of voltage controlled amplifiers ( VCA ) Lying around see Texas, National, Analog Devices.

another solution is the use of a jfet driven by the noise level in the feedback network of an op-amp

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Or indeed very simply a resistor output photocell designed for audio in fact.

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Pooh Bear

Few thoughts:

  1. Many "highway" motorcycle travelers use earplugs to protect their ears from windnoise. It *will* make you deaf in the long run. You actually want to "overpower" the windnoise with music? No headphone earplugs I know off will actually dampen the ambient noise much. If you know some that damp wind by ~ 15 dB (like my Alpine earplugs) *and* play music - I'm all ears :-)

Any noisecancelling solutions in existence (helmet compatible)?

  1. 5 Watts in an earplug? Your eardrums will blow out of your nose smoking! 100mW will do permanent damage over a short time.

  1. I actually tried it with fixed volume and in-ear headphone. It was set unbearably loud at traffic lights; but I could not hear the music on the highway any more. That made me think..

  2. I removed the windshield from my cycle. Slightly more windpressure on my body, and a *lot* less noise in the helmet.

Have a safe ride!

 - René
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Why not simply replace your earphones with noise-cancelling ones? You know, the ones sold for use on airplanes and such?

For examples:

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Greg Neill

Playing music loud enough to hear it over the ambient noise will ruin your hearing for sure.

In fact, the ambient noise isn't particularly good for your hearing. Some of the really big bikes with very high windscreens may be reasonably quiet.

René's post (elsewhere in the thread) is right on.


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