More Motorola Clones ??

Hi to all,

Farnell InOne / Newark have long had an " in house brand " they dub " Multicomp " or MC.

Many low cost items like fuses, connectors and resistors are supplied as being Multicomp brand - theses line all seem to be sourced in Asia, unlike the vast majority of Farnell stock which is sourced from major EU and US makers.

The MC brand has been expanded to include semis - even the infamous & much faked Motorola ( ON ) TO3 pack, BJT devices like MJ15003/4, MJ15024/5 etc.

But these MC ones are not made in the Motorola plant in Mexico.

Is " MOSPEC " of Taiwan product being rebadged as MC by Farnell ??

Got any idea what is going ON ???

...... Phil

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Phil Allison
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