Microcontroller used in Subaru

Just out of interest, I'm trying to figure out what the microcontroller is that's used on the Subaru key fob. The markings, on three separate lines, are 4144, 093, 04?E

The ? is illegible, but most likely a 6.

The device is a 20 (yes, 20) pin SOIC, and it clearly wasn't a dedicated chip - some of the pins aren't used at all, and others are only connected to test or programming points.

It must contain some EEPROM, and one thing that struck me was that the power and ground pins are placed in the centre of one side (e.g. pins 5 and 6).

Bearing in mind that this must have already existed in the year 2000, does it ring any bells?


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attiny26 has that power layout and EEPROM. Perhaps others of its family do as well.

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Frank Miles

My Subaru key has a door module, and an RFID chip for the ignition. The RFID chips are available online, and can be re-coded to your car. The door key OTOH must be coded into the car. This used to be doable by the right sequence and timing of opening and closing the driver's door and flicking the lock/unlock button to enter an eight-digit code, though it can also be done via OBD-II. Our Forester can remember six door keys.

However, Subaru have used quite a few different systems. Which one is yours?

Clifford Heath.

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