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Hi, Im looking for a simulator - mixed mode with schematic capture, ive been trying to evaluate several freeware/trial ones but when it takes half a day trying to put a simple sinewave generator and r/c circuit and look at the output and frequency plot etc i tend to give up with it. ive looked at the simulation in protel before although its quite good i cant say i was happy enough with it to pay the very high price for the whole package

Ive just looked at simetrix but although it seems quite powerfull i dont have any more time to waste trying to figure out how to even do something trivial. I tried to download ltspice but all i ended up with was some library files, couldnt seem to find the main program.

To start with I wish to look at the spectrum of a phase modulated carrier that gets divided with a counter then filtered then multiplied with a frequency multiplier etc.

Can anyone sugest something that I can just get up and runing in a short space of time ? ... thanks

Colin =^.^=

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On Sun, 12 Jun 2005 15:26:39 GMT, "colin" wroth:

Keep trying to get LTSpice. I think you will find that it's worth it. Did you get LTSpice directly from the Linear website?


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James Meyer

I use LT Spice (aka SwitcherCAD III) when I need analog simulation. I think you just picked the wrong thing to download. What you want is:

If you don't end up with 'swcadiii.exe', you've done something wrong.

The basic library includes only minimal logic components so you'll need to build your counter from FFs and gates, create a model from scratch, or find a more complete digital library.

I don't use it a lot, but I find it to be quite well done and easy to use, once you get a feel for the GUI.

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Tim Hubberstey


hi thanks, I had a closer look at the linear webby and downloaded ltspice/switherchad thinking this just was for the switcher devices before.

after a while i managed to figure out ltspice, had to use a spice cmd cos i cldnt find a signal source symbol to feed a fm modulated carrier into several flip flops and now looking at the spectrum.

With I managed to enter several signal sources in simetrix, but i couldnt seem to get the signal frequency to show up in the frequency plot it was all flat, tried al the combinations i could think of of generator options/simulater model/options ac/dc/tf etc ..

maybe im just expecting it to be too user friendly or my idea of what this is is rather diferent to everyone elses, it just makes me want to write my own.

Colin =^.^=

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See my notes and links to some 60 ECAD programs at

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several of which have simulation facilities.

Terry Pinnell Hobbyist, West Sussex, UK

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Terry Pinnell

Yes. My opinion is that SuperSpice is the easiest simulator to use in the known 3 universes.

Kevin Aylward snipped-for-privacy@anasoft.co.uk

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SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture, Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.

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Kevin Aylward

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