Looking for microcontroller with dot matrix LCD driver on it.


I am looking for a microcontroller with dot matrix lcd on aboard. The reason that I am looking for this combination for the low power consumption. The type of the LCD matricx that I am intrested is 32 by

  1. I am also intrested to know about a Dot Matrix LCD driver that consumes very low power.

Thanks, John.

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There is probably no MCU that would have the driver onboard simply because of the amount of pins it takes to interface with a 32x64 matrix (plus do any useful job that requires I/O). However, there are plenty specialized controllers, including low power CMOS, that can be interfaced with an MCU via 4 or 8 pins. Simple googling for "matrix LCD driver" returns 15K+ results, so you'll get a few to choose from.

Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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I believe there was. Triscend. But looks like they are going under. They had a

1/4 VGA on chip.


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Martin Riddle

I think Xilinx may be taking them over:

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I missed the original request however, microchip has a PIC16 and a PIC18f series chip with an onboard controller. I would have used the 18F version in one of my last projects if it had been released yet. TI 430 series also has a chip.

Neither of these are made to control a huge display.

Good luck


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Interesting, yet no more Triscend products ?!?!

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Martin Riddle

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