LCDs and Sunlight

UV rays and high temperatures.

I don't know where to find transparent UV filters suitable for your application. Have you put the display behind a plastic material, or conventional glass window? Some kind of glasses can block partially the UV radiation.

LCD's are very sensitive to temperature. Moreover, the LCD to pcb connections are made of plastic materials that can be damaged with the high temperatures that there is possible to reach witch direct sunlight. Although the LCD temperature never reach the limit operating temperature, taking this temperature near the limit might result in a long term damage.


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Hi All,


--------------------------- Have some standard 16x2 LCD (using a HD44780 controller or similar) which I have out in the field for 3 months fitted in a product. In sunlight and all other outdoor condition (not liquids)

Standard STN is used - Operational temp spec is 0 - 50oc AND storage is -10 to 60oC

The LCDs a std Yellow/Green Std


------------ After a few months the display has changed from Yellow/Green to a more green darker display.

AND... Some Column segments are "dull" or faded.


--------------- Q1 Would these symptoms be caused by Sunlight or UV rays?

Q2 Would you suggest a UV blocker material? Type ? mfg ? where from?

Q3 Would there be other conditions that cause "dulling" of the display.

Any experince you have or pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Regards JG

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