hi guys, battery info?

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i've got a pair of 12v 26ah SLAs in good nick.
what would be the easiest way to get them in the car hooked up to
accessories output?
surely not as simple as hooking the terminals up to the car battery?

looking to run stereo, cig lighter accessories off 'em for long trips, eg
being able to leave the drinks fridge on without draining the main battery
when you stop for food, and without buggering around with wires and plugs if

will the batt blow up or charge if hooked up in parallel to car battery?


Re: hi guys, battery info?

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The battery charger in your car is not really suited for charging SLAs.
The final voltage is too high and it is not current limited enough for SLAs.

Also SLAs aren't suited at all for deep discharge (take 'em bellow 11V
and they're stuffed).

Having said all that there is an AUX battery charger kit available at
the bottom of this page:


If you look closely you will see it is a Jaycar kit, but I can't find it
on their website.

Re: hi guys, battery info?

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if they are deep-cycle SLAs then yeah, pretty much.
you also want a heavy duty relay to disconnect them from the main battery
when the motor is not running.

a "Ford-type" starter motor relay is typically used for this application.
(this is a high current 12V SPST relay)

If they are gel-electorlyte batteries it may be more complex.

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it will charge. (unless connected backwards)


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