Keil C51 Compiler

Does anyone here use Keil's C51 Complier if so, can anyone confirm that in the US (& Canada?), the C51 complier (V7) does NOT need a dongle (hardware security key)?

I have a legal, european purchased copy with a dongle & I am getting so pissed off at having to remember to take the dongle home with me so I can work over the weekend (I forgot last weekend & missed out an about

10 hours work time, on a very urgent project.) I also cannot use it on my laptop as it's a parallel port dongle & my laptop doesn't have one.

If it's true I'd consider buying a copy thru the US just so I can work @ home without this hassle

I don't want a ripped off copy, just to be able to work witjout any additional hassle.

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Yes. No dongles on any Keil tools I've ever bought....

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why don't you contact Keil directly

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